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George Lambert: Gallipoli and Palestine Landscapes, Exhibition

While he was travelling through Palestine, Lambert would get up early and work all day painting and sketching. This photo by Ossie Coulson was taken near Tiberias in early June 1919 during Lambert's second tour of Palestine. It is most likely that Lambert was painting the sketch Tiberias when the photo was taken.

On 7 June 1919 Lambert wrote of his visit to Tiberias: 'I visited and sketched Tiberias a motor ride of about six miles from here. Tiberias [is] really lovely & if one could only begin Palestine from this end of the Desert it would give a much better impression. Round about here there are wonderful subjects just now...'.



Kent Paisley

My grandfather, Leslie Paisley, was in the 10th Lighthorse in Egypt, Israel and Turkey. In a weird and wonderful circle of events, I am now married to an Israeli and work in Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee. So it is with mixed emotions I view these historic pictures of Tiberias and the surrounding areas. Thanks for providing access to these pictures. Regards, Kent Paisley