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Exhibitions, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse

We've now adjusted all of the images we have used in the blog so that they will open up to either a catalogue entry from our collection or as a higher resolution image in another window to allow you to see more detail. In earlier posts, you can now see a lot more detail in the images we posted from our copy of Seven pillars of wisdom and the Handbook of the Turkish Army. As an example, click on the image in this post of our copy of Seven pillars of wisdom.




In the Hollywood film THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (1936) credit is given to Maj. Sam Harris A.L.H. who was born in Sydney in 1877. Was this 270 Sgt Harris, Samuel, 9th ALH 27.10.14 DoD 7.5.18? Imagine him yarning with Snowy Baker at the Hollywood country club! This Sam Harris had over 200 film roles as extra apart from the advising.


Thank you for your interest in our blog. I do not think that your person is 270 Sgt Harris, Samuel, 9th ALH, as he did not survive the war. The most likely person would be Lieutenant Hon. Major Samuel Harris, his wife was called Constance Harris. You can check his details further on his service record that is available from the NAA website here (select 'View digital copy'). Robyn (Assistant Curator)