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Lawrence of Arabia film poster Lawrence of Arabia film poster
As part of the Evolution Film Festival, Canberra's Electric Shadows cinema will be screening David Lean's Lawrence of Arabia on 2 and 7 December 2006. This 1962 film is largely responsible for Lawrence's enduring image with many people today.

We will be going to the Saturday evening screening (the show starts at 7.30 pm but get there early) to hand out some flyers about our exhibition in late 2007 and we will be inviting those attending to enter another competition that concerns the film itself. We won't tell you here what the competition is until after we've released the flyers, so you'll have to come to the cinema to find out! Yes, it is located in Akuna St, Canberra and that is in Australia.

You will be able to recognise the curatorial team as we will be appearing in period dress, including 'Emir Nigel of Arabia', 'A Nurse called Robyn', 'Mal not really of Arabia', 'Brad the Light Horseman' and 'Save Our Souls Susie' (who is actually the project manager for this exhibition).

Andrew Pike from Ronin Cinemas has asked me to give a brief introduction to the film and I'll try to keep this under five minutes.

We all hope to see you there, even if you do have to purchase an air ticket!