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George Lambert: Gallipoli and Palestine Landscapes, Exhibition

'A common family name, but an uncommon family', is how Andrew Motion the biographer of the Lambert family described them. George Lambert was born in St Petersburg of American / British parents, educated in England and spent his teenage years in the outback of Australia before becoming an Australian official war artist. His sons Constant and Maurice were equally accomplished. The elder son, Maurice (1901-1964), became a sculptor and worked mainly in wood and stone. His work was in the modernist tradition and he became the Professor of Sculpture at the Royal Academy School in London. Constant (1905-1951) was a composer and conductor, who wrote a ballet for Diaghilev's Ballet Russes company and several fine orchestral and choral works. Constant's son Kit (1935-1981) was involved in films before taking on an unknown rock band and propelling them to stardom. This band was The Who.

The women in the Lambert family are more shadowy. Both George's mother Annie (nee Firth) and his own wife Amy (1872-1964, nee Absell) largely managed households without their husbands. Annie had to manage four young children when her husband (George Washington Lambert - the engineer) died just two months before the birth of George Washington Thomas Lambert - the future artist. And Amy coped with George's long absences as an official war artist or when he was completing important commissions. If you are interested in a detailed biography of the Lambert family see Andrew Motion The Lamberts: George, Constant & Kit, Chatto & Windus, London, 1986.



Dimity Torbett

Dear Janda Gooding, When I saw the wonderful George Lambert exhibition at the AWM I took some rough notes of Lambert's own notes. These said that the Turks described either the entrance to the Dardanelles or the Narrows themselves as the 'Gate of the World'. I hoped that you might be able to tell me which part of the Straits he was referring to. With best regards, Dimity Torbett