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At last! Here are the photos from our December 2006 film screening of Lawrence of Arabia. Under these nearly authentic period disguises, our exhibition team is all but revealed.

A Nurse Called Robyn A Nurse Called Robyn
Save Our Souls Susie Save Our Souls Susie
Nigel of Arabia Nigel of Arabia
Mal Not Really of Arabia Mal Not Really of Arabia




So, to explain this rogues' gallery from left to right: on the far left is Brad the Light Horseman, a colleague we roped in who happens to own all of the kit he is wearing. He is dressed as a trooper of the 10th Australian Light Horse Regiment, the first troops to enter Damascus when it was captured in 1918. They were recruited from Western Australia. The plumes you can see in Brad's slouch hat are emu feathers (not kangaroo feathers).

To the right of Brad is A Nurse Called Robyn. Robyn is dressed as a member of the Voluntary Aid Detachment (VAD).

In the centre is Save Our Souls Susie, who is also dressed as a VAD. In the background (from left to right) you can see Nigel, Mal and Brad. We are still looking for a frontal shot of Susie and will update this when we've found a better image.

The fourth image from the left is Nigel of Arabia, our historian. He stole the best of the agals that we borrowed for the night, and this left me, on the far right as Mal Not Really of Arabia looking a bit tired and sad because my agal did not sit very well.

Each of the images will open up in a larger size in a new window, should you be a sucker for punishment. I've kept the images in the post to thumbnail size in the interests of good taste!