Tuesday 20 February 2007 by Mal Booth. No comments
Exhibitions, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse, Our exhibition

I am sorry that there have been few posts recently. It isn't because we have all been on holiday. This time of year is simply a very busy period for all of us, with many planning and budget deadlines to meet. As well, we are now finalising details for the last couple of loans needed for the Lawrence exhibition and I've been particularly preoccupied by these negotiations. Hopefully, they will lead to an impressive range of historical weapons, art, robes, documents and other memorabilia being displayed in Australia for the first time. Once our list has been finalised and we receive permission from the lenders to use images of these objects in our blog, we will tell you all about them.

The other distraction is that we are furiously engaged in writing text and captions for the exhibition, so we can give an exhibition designer something to work with in about a month's time. Writing material like this is a bit of a balancing act, really. You need to give background and context for any items you put on display. But you don't want the information to be too didactic. It needs to be both engaging and enlightening.

We are also putting sponsorship proposals together. Exhibitions involving substantial overseas loans are pretty expensive to put on. So if you're at all interested . . .

Finally, I am really excited about another new blog that has just gone live on our website. George Lambert - Gallipoli and Palestine Landscapes is a travelling exhibition that will soon open in our Special Exhibition Gallery. The blog has been produced by the exhibition curator, Janda Gooding. Janda is also working with us on Lawrence of Arabia & the Light Horse as the art expert and we will feature some Lambert works in our exhibition. In fact, I was keen to feature a few works that Janda has selected for the Lambert exhibition, but unfortunately they'll be on tour and not available for Lawrence. I'll refer to some of those images in our blog later on. Lambert is a great blog and contains many fantastic images, so please have a look at it.