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I've just put up Matthew Gibbs' review of the film Lawrence of Arabia against our call for reviews. You can find it here and it is well worth a read. Matthew is a freelance writer from Sydney with a good knowledge of Lawrence.

Churchill's Bodyguard Churchill's Bodyguard
While I'm here, did anyone else catch the appearance by Lawrence in the SBS TV show As It Happened about Churchill's bodyguard on Friday night (23 February 2007)? The bodyguard, Walter H. Thompson, was amazed by Lawrence's reputation and influence with the Arabs in Palestine in 1921.

Churchill and Lawrence enjoyed a long working relationship after Churchill persuaded Lawrence to work as an adviser in the Colonial Office when he was Colonial Secretary. For our exhibition, we will be bringing out from The (UK) National Archives, some original correspondence between Churchill and Lawrence that illustrates the bond between the two men and Churchill's respect for Lawrence's advice regarding Middle East matters over this period in 1921.