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Exhibitions, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse

After much time and deliberation the caption competition has finally come to a close! All captions entered were put to the vote of Research Centre staff. By popular vote the winning caption was awarded to Craig Tibbitts. Craig will be recommended for a significant honour for highlighting the main problem inherent in this method of transport.

B01618 photograph by Frank Hurley 1918 B01618 photograph by Frank Hurley 1918

Winning caption:

'An experimental unit, the 1st Australian Light Donkey Squadron proved an abject failure at Beersheba when the animals stubbornly refused to budge.  Here, Major Cedric Bigglesworth ruefully gazes upon the gallant charge taking place in the distance.'

Recommended for other (less significant) honours and awards:

'Fine, I'll just get off my ass and walk!'

‘Donkey to soldier: in case you haven't worked it out yet, it's too late to ask the three Wise Men.’

‘Donkey:  You want me to go there and do what?!?!!’

‘Coo-ee march they said. I’ll give them coo-ee!’

Special mention goes to Bob Meade who was our most dedicated entrant. My favourite of Bob’s entries was 'They didn’t tell me about this at the recruitment depot'. Bob was also Mentioned in Despatches for 'Where is everybody?' and 'The donkey’s refusing to move Frank, so you can take as many photos as you like'. (The last was Mal's pick of the bunch.)

Most unmentionable: ‘No smart ass comments from me I am afraid (boom boom!).’




Congratulations Craig.