Sunday 15 April 2007 by John Lafferty. No comments
Battlefield Tours, Istanbul, Week 1

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    The plane lands on time at 8:40am local time which makes a total journey time of 23 hours for myself and the others who departed from Sydney. It was an uneventful flight with no delays and no rough weather. Some wonderful views of thunder storms as we travelled past India and Iraq. Other sights like the lights of Dubai and cloud formations help pass the time. Anything helps when you are in a seat for 23 hours!

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    A quick exit from the airport as there were only two passenger aircraft landing this early. We all gathered for the first time in the bus that will be our main transport for the next couple of weeks. On the trip to the hotel we are welcomed by Ashley and introduced to our tour guide. It’s not a long journey from the airport to the hotel but there is still time to learn about the basic layout of Istanbul. There is even time to grab some photos out the window of the bus while travelling along… but then again I’ll always have the camera out looking for photos.

    Nothing planned until after lunch which is a great time to settle in and much needed freshen up.