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Battlefield Tours, Istanbul, Week 1

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Our last full day in Istanbul, until we return from Canakkale and Gallipoli in a bit over a week’s time. First stop is for a tour of Kariye Museum of St Savior in Chora. Many of the museums here were once churches that were later turned into mosques. This is an excellent example. When these buildings were turned into mosques all the frescoes and mosaics where plastered over to meet with the Islamic law that forbids images of people. This did a good job of preserving the images underneath, but a lot of work has been required to remove the plaster.

The Suleymaniye mosque was next. This is a more modern mosque and is beautiful sight. Lunch was in the Darruziyafe restaurant which in the grounds of the mosque. This had one surprise for many on the trip as no alcohol can be served :)

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The afternoon touring was kept short (to allow for packing to the next day's trip to Canakkale) with a trip to the Egyptian Spice Markets. Amazing colours, sights and smells.