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George Lambert: Gallipoli and Palestine Landscapes, Exhibition, Battlefield Tours, George Lambert: Gallipoli and Palestine Landscapes Exhibition

Cannakale is a small town on the Asiatic side of the Dardanelles. From the waterfront you look across to the Gallipoli peninsula with some of the familiar landmarks visible in the distance - Kilid Bahr, Chunuk Bair and Mal Tepe. As we walked along the waterfront we searched for the spot where Lambert may have painted Dardanelles from Chanak, effects of blizzard on Gallipoli (ART02833).

Lambert wrote of his 7 day stay here: "Snow blizzards ice and general discomfort. No coal or wood and a damp gloomy fifth rate house called the Lion Hotel, may I live to forget it." Frustrating as it may have been, the unexpected stay gave him time to paint this sparkling view across the rough seas to the snow shrouded slopes of Chunuk Bair.

View across to Chunuk Bair View across to Chunuk Bair

The scene is very much the same today; the Narrows is a bustling waterway wth ships on their way to and from Istanbul and the Black Sea. In this fine spring weather the waterfront promenade was crowded with people ambling along, young kids coming out of school or Uni and others just sitting in sunny spots sipping some hot drink or other.

Already, from comparing the physical landscape with Lambert's paintings, I am learning how he 'framed' his views, the choices he made about what to paint and then what he might have left out or put in.

Unfortunately, the picturesque wooden jetty is no longer here!