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John Lafferty from the Memorial's Information Technology section has taken himself and his trusty camera to Gallipoli on our annual Battlefield Tour. John is a gifted photographer and he is maintaining a blog from the tour while they are all in Gallipoli. You can find the Gallipoli Battlefield Tour blog here.

The Dardanelles campaign is not covered by our exhibition, but both Lawrence and the Light Horse were involved. 

Many members of the Light Horse who were later involved in the defence of the Sinai and Allenby's advance through Palestine had earlier served on Gallipoli. Sir Harry Chauvel and his 1st Light Horse Brigade landed at Gallipoli on 12 May 1915.

During the Dardanelles campaign Lawrence worked for the Cairo Intelligence Department and provided maps and intelligence for the forces on the Gallipoli Peninsula. He was also keenly involved in pioneering work done to use aerial photography taken over Gallipoli to produce maps.