Wednesday 25 April 2007 by John Lafferty. 1 comment
Battlefield Tours, Gallipoli

My apologies for the slow updates while we are at Gallıpoli. There is very little ın the way of internet connections here. I will do a large update of informatıon and photos as soon as we return to Istanbul. This is the day after ANZAC day.


Neil McPherson

Wonderful material John! As the guy who web-mastered this Web site at its inception in 1997-8, I quite often drop in. The new site by the way is crisp, clean and professional. Best wishes to all my old mates and others who worked on it. I was lined up to fly over to Instanbul this week but had to cancel it due to an injured wife...among other probs. Was to have seen Orhan Pamuk, which hurts. Anyhow, can only guess what the Simpson Prize is and how it was ocnducted and who the winners are etc ... but whatever, it has helped produce some fascinating, but highly Australia centric, views and information. One need years oberseas to see more clearkly that the miisjnbg link in the Austr. view is the "reverse angle". We nearly attempted it on the site once, when we looked at setting up a 360 degrees panorama from the Turkish viewpont - with translated texts as well. Ditto the German viewpoint on the bombing of this town (Gutenburg lived and worked here, which makes it an international treasure par excellence like Dresden) would help give a more truly balanced perspective on such events. I am convinced that "reverse angle" would be a contribution to a valid reading of the "Australian experience of war". So many Australians of 20007 are descended from (Asian &) European stock. What is the percentage of Asian immigrants right now? But that is my view on this. Certainly Steve doesn't really think that way, nor Peter Stanley (who I hear has gone). But as usual I digress. Best wishes to you and your colleagues. Neil McPherson PS My site is down at the moment - back up in May.