Sunday 29 April 2007 by John Lafferty. 3 comments
Battlefield Tours, After the trip

We have now left Turkey and gone on our own different ways. Some are off to the Western Front Battlefield Tour, some are returning home and others (like myself) are continuing with other travelling.

There are more images and information to pass on. For example I have a number of images that I have taken to show how the battlefields have changed with "then and now" collections. There are also more images from ANZAC Day and the last days we had in Istanbul. But these will have to wait until I return to Australia later this week. Until then please send me any comments or photo requests. I will follow up these requests on my return.



Thanks for the rich info and beautiful photos! Well done John!


WOW what a great experience! -envious-


wow how beautiful i am researching this for school and you helped me thanks heaps