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The intrepid Simpson Prize group have now returned to Australia after a very successful tour to Turkey. The final days of the trip were spent in Istanbul visiting the Dolmabache Palace, followed by a shopping frenzy in the Spice Market and the Grand Bazaar. Purchases varied from the predictable (Turkish Delight) to the exotic (belly dancing outfit) and many in the group launched into the spirit of haggling with great enthusiasm. On our last night we shared the farewell dinner with the Memorial's battlefield tour group, giving us the opportunity to formally thank our fabulous Turkish guide Guzin Sapmaz and bus driver Mehmet
Overall, the trip was a very successful one for the students and teachers. The tour brought together a diverse group of young Australians to share a common experience that I'm sure will stay with them for the rest of their lives. If previous Simpson Prize winners are a guide, this year's group will continue to participate in commemorative activities and help others understand the enduring impact of the Gallipoli campaign on Australia and Turkey.

Andrew Gray
Simpson Prize Tour Guide
Australian War Memorial


Kelly W.

To Mr. Gray or Whom ever reads this, I was at the 2007 ceremonies at Galliopli and am trying to document the ceremonies however I am unable to remember the name of the man who read out those great poems. He was unlisted in the Guide book given at the gate. I can only remember that he was an actor and poet. Can you help? Thanks for you help and time Kelly

Andrew Gray

Bruce Venables was the actor and poet at the Lone Pine ceremony. He had written some of the poems specially for the event.