Monday 21 May 2007 by John Lafferty. 1 comment
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I'm now back at work and catching up on the email and tasks. I am also still processing the photos taken on the trip. As I go through the images I am adding notes but also looking for those images that where taken to match those in the collection. Here is the first one. It is a panoramic photo of North Beach. Although these images have been taken at a slightly different angle the details are still clear and the changes to the landscape become obvious. Anzac Cove and North Beach, 1915

ANZAC Cove and North Beach, 2007 ANZAC Cove and North Beach, 2007


Peter stone

Be great to see them on the same page for easy comparison, otherwise pictures are excellent. Got anymore ? Also on the Dardanelles in detail, it would be good to point out the various battles, don't know what i;m looking at. Thanks