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To Flanders Fields, 1917, Exhibition

I should have done this ages ago, but as the saying goes, 'better late than never...'

These are just a few snaps I took of the exhibition today.

The entrance to the exhibition featuring Frank Hurley's well-known photograph

A replica cast of the 'Big Digger' stands guard near the exhibition's entrance. The real statue stands atop the Bullecourt Memorial

Portraits and uniform jackets of two prominent AIF commanders at Bullecourt. Brigadier John Gellibrand of 6th Brigade (L) and Lt Colonel Raymond Leane of the 48th 'Joan of Arc' Battalion (R)


Typical battledress of a German and an Australian infantryman on the Western Front in 1917


Two large artworks of Polygon Wood and Messines, plus a foot bridge used to cross the Douve near Messines and a stretcher that saw action at Passchendaele


This part of the exhibition presents the commemorative aspects, both then and now


Signposts from the battlefields


A long view down the first corridor of the exhibition


Looking back from the far corner



Hey well this is a great site but you need to put more new photo's like those ... army guns and tanks (if got some)


Stan the Owner Builder

This is an amazing exhibition which given the recent memorial opened at Fromelles, it makes me proud of my Australian heritage and despite it being 1917, can't help but wonder how many more lives would have been spared from better uniform and helmet design because the technology was available back then