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The Memorial's regularly published magazine Wartime has a cover story and major feature on our exhibition in the Wartime current issue (#40). We have four articles in this issue:

  • Nigel Steel addresses the liberation of Damascus from the Turks in October 1918. Credit has mostly been given to Feisal's Arabs and Lawrence was responsible for this claim as that is what he said in Seven Pillars of Wisdom. Nigel points out the entry of the 10th Light Horse Regiment at first light on 1 October 1918 in his article, "The sword in their midst".
  • Robyn Van Dyk has two articles: "Creating a legend", about the contribution to the legend of the Light Horse made by the pen of Ion Idriess; and "Horsemen of the air", about the light horsemen who swapped saddles for cockpits and joined the Australian Flying Corps during the war.
  • I have an article that explores the differences between Lieutenant General Sir Harry Chauvel and Lieutenant Colonel T.E. Lawrence. As I researched this exhibition, my admiration for both men grew enormously. I found it strange that they didn't see eye-to-eye when they met in Damascus and have suggested a few reasons.

The magazine contains some good images of Lawrence, Chauvel and the Light Horse. You can purchase it at the Memorial, in newsagents around Australia and also via our website on this page.