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To Flanders Fields, 1917, Exhibition

Well folks, that's it for another of the Memorial's special exhibitions, To Flanders Fields, 1917.  Today we started dismantling the show in readiness for the next special exhibition, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse, due to open in the same space on 7 December.

To Flanders Fields has been a very successful and popular exhibition over the past few months, confirming that the memories of Passchendaele are still deep within the community's psyche.  As we said from the start, 1917 was the worst year of the war for Australian casualties, and Passchendaele was by far the most costly battle of that year.  With the entire AIF involved, these losses touched so many families, and as you have seen, many more than once.

We on the exhibition team and at the Memorial in general, hope that all visitors to the exhibition and to this blog have found them interesting, informative and thought provoking.

On a personal note, I've must say I've enjoyed immensely running the blog for this exhibition.  I've learned a great deal more about the campaign and battles of 1917 and about the troops of our AIF.  It's all been a very rewarding experience.

Last but not least, I would like to sincerely thank all those that visited the exhibition and this blog, especially those that took the time to post a comment.  The quality of the comments has been exceptionally good and have added a great deal to the blog itself.

While the exhibition is now closed, this blog will remain on the Australian War Memorial's website.  It's no longer featured on the home page, but if you look down the left side of the home page you'll see it listed under 'Blogs'.  If at a later date it moves, just use the site search to find it.

I'll probably leave the comment function on for a little while, but I haven't yet decided if or when this will cease.

'Bye for now...

Craig Tibbitts.



Craig, Thank you and congratulations on what has been a superb tribute to those magnificent men and women of the AIF. I have enjoyed this blog immensely and have learned a great deal from it. The care and dedication in presenting what was, in reality, a terribly tragic period of our history has been inspiring to me personally. During my, usually lunchtime, visits to the blog over the last several weeks I have been absolutely awed and at times deeply saddened by the story of '1917', and the work that has gone into keeping the memory of the sacrifices made during that time alive for the collective benefit. Thanks also to those members of the public who have shared their stories with us. I am extremely impressed that so many people have kept their family contributions alive and have shared some of it here for our collective memory. This has been a wonderful project and I wish Craig and AWM all the very best. I look forward to seeing more projects like this. This is first rate history presented beautifully. Thank you, Steve Editor's comment: Steve, thank you so much for your kind remarks. I am thrilled that you found the content we presented here so interesting and inspiring. The visitation statistics for the blog were very strong, so I hope that many more were similarly inspired to remember the sacrifices of 1917. Cheers, Craig.

Yaz Okulu

does anyone knows if there is any other information about this subject in other languages? Editor's response: Most books on this subject are in English but there are some in German and French, and no doubt a few in Belgian as well. This page on the blog lists a few books; at the end are a couple of German ones. The French Official History would also cover it. Otherwise, I suggest visiting the German and French Wikipedias; they'd probably refer you on to other resources in those languages. A Google search for Belgian language resources would also be productive I'm sure.

CLEMENT Christian

Bonjour, je suis français et habitant proche de la frontière belge (20 km d'Ypres) Je puis suggerer le site du museum d'histoire de la ville en neerlandais, français et anglais. Il reste encore beaucoup de restes fragmentaires de la tragedie qui a ravagé notre région. Pour la bataille de la somme, je vous indique le site de Peronne: Bonne recherches. Christian CLEMENT

Leslie Harper

My grandfather and I really enjoyed the exhibition. I learned a lot and my granddad was happy to see me learn a bit of our history. The exhibition really opened our eyes. Thanks again!


Exceptional work of piecing together our Australian war history. Personal stories of sacrifice brings these sad events to live on with us as a reminder that our Australian way of life should be treasured and worth fighting for today and in the future. It is deeply appreciated. Best Regards, Warren


Loved this exhibition. My grandad was in the war and it was a wonderful reminder of his experiences and sacrifices. Thanks!


Hey: This one of the best exhibitions I have gone to in my life. My kids enjoyed it a lot and we all as a family got to learn a lot. I think what you are doing is so important, because events like this need to be "inmortalized" forever. I think it is the history of the nation of Australia what makes it be where it is today. Cheers, Rick