Wednesday 9 January 2008 by Mal Booth. No comments
Exhibitions, Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse, AUDIO TOUR OF THE EXHIBITION

In this post we provide an audio tour that you can listen to online or download the podcast.

Warning: it is a bit rough! Not the technical quality, just my own voice as we recorded a live tour, so there was no script. It isn't Geraldine Dougue or Peter Ustinov, just me.

My thanks to our Sound Engineer Lenny Preston who edited out all the really bad mistakes and some background noise, our Robyn who helped him and our Web Developer, Adam Bell, who makes it all work online.

One last thing, a request from me for some feedback on this kind of content on the blog, particularly if you think it will be useful to bring with you as an audio guide on your own MP3 player.

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