Thursday 7 February 2008 by jennor. 2 comments
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It's one of those questions that doesn't get asked everyday, but when it is, the enquirer doesn't usually have to finish their question before we can help them. They usually start with

"I don't know if you can help me, I was in the World War 1 section and noticed a knitting pattern for..."

At this point I can jump in with:

"Knitting two socks at once."

Directions for Knitting two socks at once. Australian Comforts Fund Souvenir Collection, Souvenirs 8, 2/2/1.

As a knitter whose skills would be best categorised as advanced beginner, the opening sentence of the pamphlet (0.40Mb PDF file):

"This method can soon be learnt by anyone already expert in sock-knitting, but should not be attempted by beginners."

has been enough to discourage me from attempting to knit two socks at once, although many of our visitors seem willing to take on the challenge.

I think if the urge to advance my knitting expertise using wartime knitting patterns strikes, I'll start with mittens (0.14Mb PDF file).


Jenny Brown

Lovely to have a copy of this old WW1 sock pattern. Thankyou! Jenny - (grand-daughter of WW1 AIF serviceman)

Cat Samalea

Thank you! I have been looking for such a set of instructions for some time and today found your site. I am looking for a challenge -- I've mastered socks, drafted my own patterns, used Magic Loop and done two socks at a time on using Magic Loop. ((((WHEW)))) My latest goal has been to master double knitting -- and then the socks. Thank you again for the pattern. C