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A Thousand Miles of Battles, by Ian Jones
Ian Jones' revised edition of "A Thousand Miles of Battles" is now available from our shop (here). It was first published in 1987, but last year a new revised edition was released by ANZAC Day Commemoration Committee (Queensland) Inc.

Ian wrote and co-produced the film The Lighthorsemen and there is an excellent action shot included in the book (p.115) from the film's scene covering the charge at Beersheba. The book also uses many of the same images we have highlighted in our exhibition and many others I'd like to have used if we had more space. These include AWM B00277 and AWM P03631.087 (see below).

B00277 Three members of the 8th Australian Light Horse Regimental Signal Station, sit with their heliograph set up on the pier on the Sea of Galilee. Photographer: J.P. Campbell

P03631.087 Four unidentified members of the 3rd Australian Light Horse Regiment machine gun in action at Khurbetha-Ibn. This image is a colour Paget Plate. Photographer: Frank Hurley

If you want a well produced and written illustrated contemporary history of the Light Horse then it is currently very hard to go past this book.


WOFF Derek Martin RAAF

I've just finished reading this book. It's very good. Two things, I would have liked more maps in the book as I kept having to refer to the maps at the front and the detail could have been better. Also I thought more could have been written about the political decision to leave the horses. After all they went though to be just sold off to the locals! I can understand their anger and the decision to have them put down. Nothing changes when it comes to money Apart from that I enjoyed it.