Thursday 3 April 2008 by Andrew Pearce. 2 comments
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The Large Technology Conservation Section are currently working on five aircraft for the upcoming First World War exhibition "Over The Front" due to open in November 2008.

The Albatros D.Va was last restored in the mid 1960s and there are a number of areas which need attention.

The doped fabric covering of the wings has contracted significantly during the last four decades and this has torn apart many of the stitched seams along the trailing edge and caused some deformation of the wing structure.

The fabric used in the previous restoration was not particularly realistic in appearance and upon its removal, a significant amount of internal damage to the wing rib structure was revealed.

Other work which will be re-visited during the conservation process will include a number of the fuselage timber repairs, the cleaning of the engine bay and the re-installation of BN627, the correct Mercedes engine, (an incorrect unit having been installed at some point in the 1920s).


Di Rutherford (AWM)

I recently saw both the Albatros and the Pfalz and they look absolutely fantastic. I am really looking forward to seeing them in the new exhibition. Congratulations!

James Oglethorpe

I'm interested in the "incorrect engine" mentioned above as being removed from the Albatros. Is there any possibility that this is the engine from the Halberstadt CL.II ground-attack machine that was captured in mid-air by 3 Squadron AFC in June 1918, but unfortunately destroyed by fire whilst crated for transport outside the Melbourne Ehibition Building in the Early 1920s?