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Battlefield Tours, Gallipoli

The tour has been visiting some of the famous sites of the old city including the Hippodrome, Haghia Sophia and the Blue Mosque. These grand and glorious monuments tell us much of Istanbul's long history. This city is the former capital of three successive empires Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman.

Egyptian obelisk at the Hippodrome(photograph by Rob Hegarty); Museum of Haghia Sophia (photograph by Rod Stewart) & The Blue Mosque (photograph by Robyn van Dyk)

While touring the city Rob Hegarty and Rod Stewart made an interesting discovery about their own past. It turns out that both men flew in the exact same plane during the Vietnam War. Rod as a pilot serving with the US forces and Rob as an observer with the Australian forces.

Rob served with the Airfield Defence Guards (ADG) attached to 2 squadron RAAF 1968-1969. The ADGs regularly flew the observer slot on US FAC flights out of Phan Rang. Rob has an article on the ADGs published in the Journal Australian and NZ defender (No33). He was able to show Rod the photograph of the plane that they both flew. In his article there is a photograph of Rob standing in front of the US observation aircraft Bird dog with its serial number clearly visible on the tail wing. Rob and Rod were able to confirm that they had used the same plane.


John Lafferty

Looks like another great tour. I like the side stories.