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If we were sensible and thoughtful students, we would talk about the rich cultural experience we had today visiting the Blue Mosque, Topaki Palace, Basilica Cistern and Hagia Sophia. We would describe the centuries old Christian and Muslim history associated with these places, reflecting on the significant events and people that are part of Turkish history.

But we are just your regular impressionable teenagers who are more likely to notice things like: a rabbit that tells your fortune, lamb with 'wedgies', Oliver and the fire extinguisher incident, James learning the difference between eating chestnuts and their shells, the smell of the Spice Market, henna is green, saphron is expensive and cobblestone streets are not flat. We are of course having a wonderful experience understanding Turkish culture - an ideal way to prepare for our journey to the Gallipoli Peninsula tomorrow.



Oliver and the fire extinguisher - oh yeah! can't wait to hear that story and the difference between the real story and the one he tells his Mum!!

Fay Scadden

Hi all, just located your blogg. We are thinking of you all, enjoyed reading your first two entries. We saw your segment on Channel 7 Jacinta, it was GREAT, you didn't look like a sookie la la at all - we have taped it for you. They included the Joshua Wallace bit - so cute! Hope your camera work is going well, we are looking forward to seeing your pictures. Obviously you found Andrew at the airport! (Mothers!) James says hi. Vanessa says she can't believe that you have left her here with 'no-one else' - Mum, Dad, Rachel obviously don't count! Measured most kids at the Rocka today ready for costumes. Surfing the web for your blogg and found you on Alan Griffin's web page - there is a picture of you with Alan but says you are the girl from SA! Anyway, keep enjoying. EmmaB says to "tell her to come back!". Love from us to you.


absoluetly beautiful tulips! if it wasn't for the magnificent architecture in the background it could be canberra's floriade last year! looks like you're really happy and having a wonderful time - that's great!!!


hi emma, hope you're having a fantastic time! from the photos it looks like it! you'll have to tell me about the haga sophia and roman architecture cause we did it in art at school - from the textbooks, so barely comparable!. we went camping last week - luckily didn't get rained out. i got my l's and have been for a bit of a drive round the back streets of cawdor. looking forward to seeing you when you get back, lots of love from kristy and co.

The Campbells

Watching for you on TV. It was a pity about the audio link for Jacinta and James this morning, but they coped well. Keep on having a great time! Our computer having problmes so Chris Knight has messaged you for us. Love M & D

The Knights

Greetings on a glorious ANZAC Day from Canberra. Our ANZAC service continues to be very moving. This year Alistair was with us - the first time in 4 years that he has not been on active duty in the Middle East. It was all the more special for that reason. Wayne and I always get choked at the beginning of the march with the symbolic walk of the lighthorseman. If you or your party are interviewed again, it would be good to mention the Simpson Prize (an important promotion for the future competitions); so far, no one seems to have explained why the group is there apart from the obvious - it's Gallipoli. The Blue Mosque is just fantastic, isn't it? Forgive me the spelling errors in Mum and Dad's message. I was rushing. Continue having just the best time and take lots of photos. Chris and Wayne K