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Homer described the location of the city of Troy as situated at the entrance of the Dardanelles. The Gallipoli campaign was fought a few kilometres from the site of the ancient city. The historical connections between the ancient and modern battlefields were not lost on the Australians fighting in this region. Many Anzacs found pieces of ancient pottery when tunnelling into the hills.The battlefield tour took the opportunity to walk through the ruins of this ancient city and to take some group photographs. We are divided into two groups Green (top) and Gold (bottom).

Green (top) and Gold (bottom) group photographs amphitheatre Troy

Photographs of Troy ruins by Geoff Dare.The Trojan horse used in the 2004 film Troy is now erected in the town of Cannakale. Photograph by Peter Simmons.


Jessie Webb

Thank you for posting these photos. I haven't seen photos of the ruins of Troy before. I had no idea Troy and Gallipoli were quite so close together. As a lover of both ancient and modern military history, Turkey is a place of great interest for me!