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Battlefield Tours, Gallipoli

Pearl McGill's great uncle died of wounds on Anzac Day and is buried at Plugge's Plateau. Private George Bell of the 11th Battalion was killed in action on 25th April, 1915. He was 28 years old and the son of Jane McFadyen Bell. Pearl is the first person from the family to come back and visit his grave. We were moved when Pearl shared his story with us and read some prayers.

Pearl McGill at the grave of her great uncle George Bell Pearl McGill at the grave of her great uncle George Bell

Pearl: "George came from Scotland to Australia in 1910 with his extended family and joined up at the outbreak of war in 1914. He landed on Anzac Day at North Beach and pressed inland with other members of the 11th Battalion. At 5 o'clock in the afternoon he was wounded and the men with him had to leave him behind and it wasn't until 1919 that his remains were discovered at Baby 700 and his body was brought to Plugge's Plateau. This man beside him was a friend. The family had spent years agonising and wondering what had happened to him but the Red Cross courts of enquiry were really wonderful and they interviewed people who had been with him so that the family understood that he had died of wounds sometime after 5 O'clock on Anzac day." Peter Rubinstein made a recording of Pearl's presentation.

[MEDIA=1]Pearl McGill's presentation at Plugge's Plateau, Gallipoli. Recorded by Peter Rubinstein.

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View from Plugge's Plateau View from Plugge’s Plateau


Mal Booth says:

Another fantastic post Robyn!

mike mathews

Amazing, read your site by chance and saw the photo of the grave at Plugges. I am writing a book on Gallipoli have been there 5 times, the first in 1967. Was at Plugges on 28 May, 2008, to take some further photos and happy to say the tartan scarf is still there along with the photo.No sight of the small flag. I was moved to see the small remembrance and wondered as to the background and now I have. Great stuff. Have a photo if you require. What is your e mail? Regards Mike