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The tour visited Shrapnel Valley Cemetery in the late afternoon and were touched by the sad expression of loss on the grave of Private John Edward Barclay of the 8th Battalion. He was killed in action on the 21 June 1915 and was the husband of Louisa Mary Barclay. He is buried at Shrapnel Valley Cemetery Anzac.

The grave of John Edward Barclay

Shrapnel Valley gained its name from the heavy shelling that it received from the Turkish artillery in the first days of the landing. This area was a main line of advance, and later of communication with the front line, from the landing beach at Anzac Cove. There are 527 Australians and 56 New Zealanders buried here. The cemetery is peaceful and beautiful and at dusk we could hear nightingales singing. The tree in full bloom is a Judas tree.

Shrapnel Valley