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Lawrence of Arabia and the Light Horse: catalogue cover

Our exhibition catalogue has now sold out. You can, however, now download a pdf file of the catalogue and get this printed yourself.


Mark Chapman

In the AWM's western front gallery is a photograph of two signalers going "over the top" with a cable reel between them. The younger of the two is Light Horseman Cyril Thomas Chapman (my grandfather). Cyril was also a 2nd cousin of TE Lawrence. The Chapmans have a recurring dissolute gene as Lawrence's father ably demonstrated, so too did Cyril's father (Lawrence's 1/2 brother). Cyril lied about his age and joined up at 16 in 1915, partly to be with his mates and partly to escape a dysfunctional family. He then spent the next three years on the western front. They had been destined for the middle east but were diverted to Europe after embarkation. The horses were off-loaded at Albany and never seen again. So far as I know Cyril and his cousin never met.

Elizabeth Thomson

Why have you omitted mention of the many NEW ZEALAND soldiers who fought and lost their lives in this war? ANZAC means Australia & N.Z. army core!

Carol Nash Paterson

Albert Victor Hunter, a Trooper with the 12th Australian Light Horse captured Lawrence as he tried to enter British Headquarters in the Middle East durin WW1 This is documented in a newspaper published at the time It is a fact that has never been documented anywhere Isn't it about time that the ANZACS received due credit for everything The Grandchildren of Trooper Hunter