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'To points unknown: the First Al Muthanna Task Group' is a striking example of the type of modern unit history which is being produced by Australian soldiers. It is a largely pictorial record of the tour to Iraq by the 1st Al Muthanna Task Group from April to November 2005. Lt. Col. Roger Noble, Commanding Officer of Al Muthanna Task group One, notes in the introduction that the aim was to 'record our tour as it was, with an emphasis on the human, lighter, everyday side of the tour'.

The Memorial's Research Centre holds an extensive collection of published 'unit histories' across the range of conflicts in which Australians have served from the South African War to current peacekeeping operations.

Published unit histories is the term we use to describe published books that provide the history of an individual unit during a specific war, or sometimes throughout its existence. Frequently they contain information related to the unit, such as nominal rolls, rolls of honour, or lists of honours and awards. Unit histories are catalogued and can be searched by title in our book database. For more information please refer to our information sheet 'Researching the history of a unit'.

This unit history was kindly donated by Lt. Col Roger Noble, Commanding Officer of Al Muthanna Task group.


Cath Harris

You might like to know that this book has received two publishing industry awards. Jun 09 -- The 2009 Galley Club Awards: It WON Category One- Sheetfed -Case bound book with RRP under $35 [as the first print run was only big enough for the boys who went and it was given to them for free] -> Feb 09 -- 2008 Victorian PICA (Printing Industry and Craftsmanship Awards): It received an EMERALD Award (2nd place) in Category 13-Best Printed Book -> Very exciting news for a Defence publication!

Mel Hunt

Cath That's great - we were certainly impressed with the quality of this publication... Thanks for updating us with the news!