Wednesday 1 April 2009 by Laura Kennedy. 3 comments
Collection, Conservation

The sponson on the left hand side of the Mark IV tank was removed last year for inclusion in the Memorial’s exhibition, “1918, Advancing to Victory”.

The tank was relocated to the Memorial’s Large Technology Workshop in order to safely remove the sponson.  This provided an excellent opportunity for Conservation to undertake a preservation treatment of the tank which would include a full repaint, back to it’s original colour scheme.

One of the major components of the treatment was the removal of the tracks.  The primary objective of this exercise was to ensure that the area underneath the tracks was stable and to search for additional evidence of the tank’s history.  The dirtiest and most time consuming aspect of this was going to be cleaning the tracks of almost 100 years worth of "gunk".  This had never been done, so as you can imagine, there was a lot of grease, grime, rubbish, dirt from the showgrounds it had visited, and dust from years of being on display.

But, first things first.  Registration had to get the tank up on stands before we could pull the tracks off.

Mark IV Tank Mark IV Tank

More on this treatment to follow...



the tank looks awsome great photo.

John McMahon

I remember seeing this tank as a school kid a bit over 30 years ago. It inspired my imagination at that time. I visited the Memorial last weekend, but was disappointed that it was absent. I can't wait to see it back on display!

Warwick Long

Looking forward to seeing it back in great condition! Always visit it when in the Museum. Also interested in the findings on condition etc. Enjoy the process!