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Diary of an Anzac

Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds.


Sakkara, Pyramids and Roman ruins By George Lambert Sakkara, Pyramids and Roman ruins By George Lambert

'Headquarters sent for 3 men from those in camp this morning, I happened to be sent so packed up and went to Sakara on one of the wagons, reaching the bivouac at about 7pm, we reported, got some tea and turned in under one of the wagons for the night. A very heavy dew falls on the desert during the night and any sort of shelter is looked for that will keep it off. The sand becomes icy cold after sunset even though the day has been blazing hot*.'

*The conditions felt in the Egyptian desert were not too dissimilar from conditions on the Gallipoli peninsula. During the Gallipoli campaign soldiers had to endure extremes in temperature. Towards the end of the campaign they even had to deal with snow.