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Diary of an Anzac

Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds.


'The Nile from Gezira' By George Lambert 'The Nile from Gezira' By George Lambert

 ‘Packed up early this morning ready to move but did not do so until 10am. When we set out to march back to camp, a distance of about 10 miles which we accomplished by 1pm. The road was horribly dusty being one of the main roads in the cultivated country, which are built up about 10 feet above the ordinary level of the country. This is done to prevent one village from being isolated from another when the Nile is in flood and the whole area of flat bed of the Nile Valley is under water. The country through which we passed is extremely picturesque being all under cultivation and splendidly irrigated though some very crude and extremely ancient methods are still in use. The road we used passed through fields of Lucerne etc. and in places run along the banks of irrigation canals. Occasional villages and clusters of date palms are seen on either side and here and there are native with his ancient looking bullock drawn plough at work in on the fields make up a strange but very pretty scene.’