• Monday 19th April 1915- Diary of HV Reynolds

    Monday 19 April 2010 by Janice Farrer.

    Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds. Members of 9th Battery, 3rd Field Artillery Brigade (3FAB), with an 18 pound field gun at the extreme point of recoil. ‘We have all been busy today shifting ammunition etc. Artillery men have been attaching fuses to the 18 pounder shells which we have on board. Australian mail*…

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  • Private Leonard Granrott in the battle at Messines

    Monday 19 April 2010 by . 7 comments

    In the lead up to Anzac Day on 25 April, the thoughts of many Australians  often turn to members of their own family who served during the First World War. The Australian War Memorial's databases hold a rich source of detail for  families who may want to learn more about the service of their relative. I was asked recently by ABC radio about what can be found online and in the Memorial's collections to help tell us the story of …

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