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Diary of an Anzac

Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds.

A group of Turkish soldiers in a deep trench with one soldier cutting another's hair. A group of Turkish soldiers in a deep trench with one soldier cutting another's hair.

‘A Turkish officer came into our lines at about 11am on the extreme right flank with a white flag and information was obtained from him to the effect that the enemy intended to heavily bombard our positions. Immediately afterwards a battery of field guns behind Kaba Tepe opened fire on out bivouacs and gave us an extremely hot time for a couple of hours. Where we are situated is on the rise just above the No2 ASC depot on Brighton beach and in full view of the enemies observation station on Kaba Tepe. The enemy can enfilade the whole Brighton beach from Hell Spit to our right flank and observe any movement on the beach at all. Dug into the shelter of the cliffs at the No2 ASC depot are our horse and mule lines and upon these the enemy seemed to direct his attention through shell after shell exploded over and around out bivouacs, keeping us under cover like rabbits. As many of their horses and mules that could be let loose were cut loose form the lines but we lost 20 mules and 12 artillery horses and suffered a number of casualties. We shall have to find another position for our bivouacs in a safer and more sheltered position if this new battery of the enemies is not knocked out of action. The battleships have been shelling it and one of our seaplanes has been up trying to locate it but without success, they cease fire when the plane goes over and immediately open up again when it descends.’