• Friday 11th June 1915- Diary of HV Reynolds

    Friday 11 June 2010 by Janice Farrer.

    Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds.  Two soldiers sit beside a pile of empty tins cutting up barbed wire for jam tin bombs. The bombs were made near the beach, a spot popularly known as the 'bomb factory' near Anzac Cove. ‘We have been troubled with a very strong wind again and between the flies* and the dust we …

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  • A collection of First World War fundraising badges

    Friday 11 June 2010 by Pen Roberts. 3 comments

      Badge from 1916 “Journée Nationale des Orphelins” (“National Orphans’ Day”)  “.. give what you can, give a little of your happiness, a little of your well-being and a lot of your soul.” These words are an English translation of a 1916 French poster for “Journée Nationale des Orphelins” (National Orphans’ Day). Philanthropic organisations and patriotic groups moved swiftly to help alleviate the …

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