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Diary of an Anzac

Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds.   

Whilst in action against the Turks at Anzac, a gun of Hughes' Battery was damaged by a Turkish shell. Whilst in action against the Turks at Anzac, a gun of Hughes' Battery was damaged by a Turkish shell.

‘At about 9am a fleet of minesweepers and half a dozen T.B.D’s steamed across from Imbros towards the Cape, followed by a light cruiser, a balloon ship and more T.B.D’s. At about 10am a terrific bombardment commenced down the Cape and continued throughout the day, the cruiser and a number of destroyers shelled the enemy from positions between Kaba Tepe and the Cape and the Monitor Humber from a position off Imbros and directed by the captive balloon, shelled the enemy positions on Achi Baba. An enemy aeroplane put in an appearance about 11.30am and again later at about 3pm. It attempted to destroy the captive balloon on the Ark Royal, but after 3 bombs failed to hit their mark he gave up and returned to the enemy lines. At about 1pm our infantry made a bluff attack from our right flank in order to assist our troops at Helles where a big offensive has been commenced. By making a demonstration here it prevents the enemy sending any troops from here to reinforce his troops down south. At about 5pm our troops retired into their trenches and things got rather quiet again, after being extremely lively during the afternoon. The Light Horse took a prominent part in the operations today. One of our mates Pte W Summers* was killed by a bullet in the head and another named Strout was rather badly wounded in the leg. At about 9pm when it was fairly dark a party of us went along to the barricade on our right flank to get some wounded in along the beach, the enemy sent up two star shells while we were at it and made us feel rather uncomfortable as they light the place up like day for about 15 seconds.’

*Private Summers along with the over 102,000 Australian men and women who died while serving for Australia can be found on the Roll of Honour found  in the commemorative area of the Australian War Memorial.  Summers is located on panel number 184.

For the classroom: Go to /research/people/roll_of_honour/ and see if you can find anyone with the same last name as you or came from the same town.