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Diary of an Anzac

Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds. 

A shell-burst over the cruiser Bacchante at Anzac, at about 6 am. A shell-burst over the cruiser Bacchante at Anzac, at about 6 am.

‘Once of our aeroplanes dropped two bombs near Kaba Tepe this morning. A large battleship put in an appearance between Imbros and Kaba tepe point at about 2.30pm well escorted by T.B.Destroyers, she took up a position and commenced firing at the enemy positions on the high ridge in front of our right flank which she shelled continuously till 5pm when she steamed away. Soon afterwards the Bacchante appeared and fired a number of shells at the enemy positions on Achi Baba, her fire was directed from the captive balloon from the balloon ship which accompanied her, at about 7pm they returned to Imbros. At about 5pm one of our large aeroplanes appeared and circled overhead for about an hour, the enemy fired a great number of shrapnel shells at it but without any result. The enemy again shelled the artillery positions opposite our camp this evening. Eighteen reinforcements arrived here today for our unit, some of them have returned after being wounded.’ 

For the classroom: How would you feel returning to battle after recovering from a wound?