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Diary of an Anzac

Please note: Care has been taken to transcribe these entries without alteration to preserve the original language of Herbert Vincent Reynolds. 

Members of a fatigue party resting on Anzac Beach. Members of a fatigue party resting on Anzac Beach.

‘Early this morning the war boats and field guns heavily bombarded the enemy positions. Our aircraft have been extremely active today. At about 7pm an enemy plane attempted to destroy the captive balloon on the balloon ship, but one of our planes drove him off and he was forced to return back over his own lines. I have been rather unwell for the past week but went down to it today while on ration fatigue and was unable to go with my mates into the line tonight at 7pm.’



There side was pretty relaxed today, the planes were having a good day as well. He was very brave wanting to go with his mates into the firing line when he was just recovering from sickness.

Eleanor Ware

I feel so sad for HV Reynolds as he was sick and still trying to fight and all those men who had to go out and fight but I believe its a good thing because they were fighting for their country, Australia.