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Thousands of former National Servicemen and their families came together in Canberra last week to take part in the official dedication by the Governor- General on 8 September of their new memorial fountain located in the Eastern Precinct of  the  Australian War Memorial.

Beneath sunny skies old mates gathered together to laugh and shed a few tears, swap yarns and remember absent friends in what was one of the largest reunions of former 'Nashos' .

The  memorial fountain features a  sandstone plinth (matching the colour of the Australian War Memorial itself) which symbolises the Army;  the reflection of the sky in the black polished granite  represents the  Royal Australian Air Force and the water in the bronze bowl represents the  Royal Australian Navy. 

Designed by Richard Johnson, of Johnson Pilton Walker (who are redesigning the Opera Theatre at the world heritage listed Sydney Opera House) the memorial fountain uses recycled water and is drought resistant.

Click here for photos from the day.


Howard G Shepherd

It was a wonderfull day and persons I have never met before and never shall meet again spoke with me as if we had been friends for years and yet amongst those thousands of people gathered I was alone having never met most of my fellow trainees over the last 54 years and I am now resigned to the fact that I shall never meet up again with them, the wonderfull members of the 12 th Spit Intake 1955 RAAF Base Pearce.W.A. Regards A53876 H.G.Shepherd

wedding video

I cant wait to come down and have a look at the new section looks great


What a beautiful memorial this will no doubt be a wonderful place to gather and remember all the people that we cant really ever thank enough for what they did.

David Evans

The dedication is a tribute to those who had the foresight to work for this memorial and ceremony. I and my other nasho friends were stirred and honoured by the event. It was a great success and we thank you for the opportunity of being able to be part of such a great event.

Chris Jobson

Would you please explain why and how does the Memorial's sandstone plinth "represent" the Army? Thank you.