Wednesday 29 September 2010 by LEUT Debra Holland. No comments

Spring  and new life  came to the Memorial on Tuesday 21 September when our resident mother duck introduced her latest hatching of 11 ducklings to the world.

Much to the delight of staff and visitors, the baby ducklings took to the Pool of Reflection in our Commemorative Area to learn to swim, under the close eye of  their mother of course.    

By Thursday morning 23 September the ducklings had found their ‘water wings’  so mum decided it was time to take the family further afield.

This might have meant a dangerous waddle down Anzac Parade with the threat of  impatient traffic and hungry magpies on the loose.

So Memorial staff came to the rescue.  In what became known as Operation Duck Lift, the family was carefully transported by car to safe waters on the edge of Lake Burley Griffin near Blundell's Cottage.

Mum and her brood of 11 ducklings were last spotted splashing and quacking happily in the sunshine.

Update:  We have had other new arrivals at the Memorial!  Can anyone help identify them?  Suggestions are that they are Fairy Martins or Welcome Swallows.