Wednesday 6 October 2010 by Pen Roberts. 6 comments.

It all began with a small flower arrangement in a Tokyo shop window.

Norman Sparnon was working for ATIS (Allied Translator and Interpreter Section), part of the US Department of the Army. This was post-war Japan, and Sparnon was witness to the extraordinary transformation of a traditional society being channelled swiftly into a modern democracy.

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Wednesday 6 October 2010 by Jamie Croker. 1 comments.
Collection, Conservation

One of the first steps in the conversion of the Hudson from its post war airline and geo-survey role to its original military configuration, was the removal of all the post war modifications. 

The first two photos below are taken inside the cabin of the Royal New Zealand Air Force's Hudson on Display in the RNZAF Museum in Christchurch, and they give an idea of what the inside of the cabin should look like .

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