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Collection, Conservation, Lockheed Hudson Mk IV bomber A16-105

One of the first steps in the conversion to re-fit the Boulton Paul upper turret was to remove any excess material from the fuselage.  This meant cutting a hole in the upper rear fuselage, and removing the skin and additional structure which had been replaced post war.

Out line where skin needed to be cut
After taking a template form the structure of A16-128, the skin was cut.
Kim Wood, our in house aircraft sheet metal worker, takes us 'past the point of no return'
After the initial cuts and removal of skin, it was decided to completely remove the inaccurate upper rear skins from the fuselage, to gain access for repairs, and to fit accurate replacements. 
Upper rear fuselage of A16-105 after removal of excess skin.
Work continues on the fabrication and conservation of internal structure and components.