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The aft turret support bulkhead was fitted to the fuselage late last week, and is the first major peice of the turret support structure to be completed and installed.  The installation of this bulkhead will give the structural integrity to allow the removal of damaged and modified floor structure, and the continuing installation of support structure further forward in the fuselage.

Rear fuselage prior to installation of rear turret support bulkhead.
The rear skins and strigers removed prior to rear turret support bulkhead.
Rear turret support bulkhead installed into airframe.
Repaired stringers tied into the top of the bulkhead. This will also allow new upper skins to be made and fitted.


kim fawkes

Dear Sirs Some years ago I was working at RAAF Museum Point Cook and tucked away out of sight they had an ex-civil but previously WW2 Hudson. I thought it would be good source of spare parts for your project. Also there's a bloke in Victoria near Sale who has lots of aircraft parts including those for Hudsons. He'd be good source. Lastly. Some time ago you rebuilt a Beaufort which was put on display. What has happened to this plane and why is it not on display now? I undestand that the Beaufort under restoration in Cabolture has been given parts from your Beaufort because of problems which were found. Is this true? If so what parts were they? My father was on Beauforts in WW2 and went to the opening of this Beaufort and was saddened to see it withdrawn. He died not long ago and urged me to push for the Beaufort to be put back on display. It would be afitting tribute to him and al of his mates. He lost a few friends at Sale during the war when their plane dived ito the ground so it'd be nice to see your (and ours) Baufort back on display for everyone to pay tribute. Sincerely Kim Fawkes


My grandfather used to fly Hudson's, looking forward to seeing it finished.

Sandra Walker

Is this the Hudson that Adastra Airways used to fly magnatometry surveys?