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The papers of Field Marshal the Lord Birdwood will be undergoing conservation, rehousing and digitisation for their long term preservation.

Informal portrait of Birdwood in his office at ANZAC Headquarters in 1917 Informal portrait of Birdwood in his office at ANZAC Headquarters in 1917

This important collection has been held in the Memorial’s Research Centre since the 1960s. Birdwood is a significant figure in Australian military history. He commanded the Australians for much of the First World War, including during the Gallipoli Campaign, and as a result the collection is in constant use by researchers. We hope to limit the pressure on the original items by making digital copies available in the future.

Initially, the collection will be closed for 3 weeks between 11 April and 2 May 2011. This large collection, however, will take us longer than three weeks to digitise so access to the material after this period will need to be negotiated by appointment. Please contact Nicholas Schmidt ( for more information.

For more information about the collection, you might like to look at Guide to the papers of Lord Birdwood which can be found here. For more information about Lord Birdwood see here.



What a fantastic initiative by our colleagues across the lake! It's a great way of communicating the behind-the-scenes action of one of the nation's most important cultural institutions. Keep up the good work.