Monday 18 April 2011 by Stuart Baines. No comments
Battlefield Tours, Simpson Prize 2011

The first day in Istanbul and the excitement and adventure of being in this wonderful city has kept away the fatigue from the long flight. After settling in at the hotel we decided that we should prepare ourselves for our excursion later in trip to the Bazzar by going and getting a little taste. The excuse was fresh air. The experience is amazing and although only a taste really shows the difference in culture. The mosque near the Bazzar is interesting and was interesting to learn how the Bazzar had grown from there.

The next stop was a cruise of the Bosphorous where we marvelled at the architecture particularly the places that lined the water’s edge. It was warm in the sun and the cold wind against our faces seemed to live everyone up for the day ahead. After coming ashore it was off to the military museum which has an enormous collection that reminded us all of how short Australian European history is.

The food is amazing and there is a lot of it. I am very glad that they don’t weigh us before we get back on the plane.