Wednesday 5 December 2012 by Jamie Croker. 2 comments
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A lot of work has been carried out on the Hudson since the last blog update.  A large number of structural components have been manufactured and fitted into the lower airframe, culminating in the trail fitment last week of the 'Tunnel Gun' position.  Work will soon move forward and concentrate on the Navigators step and forward cabin detail, folowed by construction of the Radio Operators room directly behind the pilot.  

Skins around the upper turret opening have been completed.
Ducting for the elevator and rudder cables has be reproduced.
This 90 degree pulley block had been cut from the fuselage post war, and has been completely re-manufactured from blueprints and photographs.
New support beams were made to return strength to the lower fuselage around the tunnel gun opening.
The tunnel gun assembly in position in the lower airframe.
The beam gun mounts have also been completed and trial fitted.


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One can only imagine that work with this kind of aircraft must be very delicate and require a lot of patience. I am sure it will be worth the wait when it is finally finished!

Tony Peterson

Thanks for the update. We appreciate your efforts. The Friends presentation prior to opening Big Things in Store 2012 gave an insight into your work and its challenges. Great job.