Friday 19 April 2013 by Stuart Baines. 1 comment
Anzac Connections, Battlefield Tours, Simpson Prize 2012

The first and most difficult part of our journey is now finished. I say difficult but probably only difficult for me. All of our students have flown in from each state and territory to meet in Sydney and then head off to Istanbul via Singapore. This does require some degree of juggling, time management and in some years Olympic style 100m dashing. This year was a breeze thanks to some great timing from airlines, and excellent support from our two teachers, David and Lorraine. A few delays on the tarmac at Sydney would make things tight in Singapore but all in all it went off without a hitch.

This is a most rewarding experience. Obviously that is the case for these fantastic students and in further blog entries you will hear from each of them about the impact this trip is having. Even for me, having been the guide for Simpson prize for several years, this experience is amazing. It is amazing because of these eight young Australians and how engaged and enthused they are. I am convinced that with each passing Simpson Prize trip I meet young people who I know are going to make a significant contribution to their own community and the nation in the future. At the Australian War Memorial we facilitate almost 130,000 students per year and one of the hardest parts of my job and that of the whole education team, is not seeing the impact we have on those students. Simpson Prize gives me that opportunity and with that the the faith that young people are still engaging with our history and that the legacy left by those first ANZACs is safe for future.

We have stepped off the plane ready to start our first day of adventure. Tonight we will post about some of the experiences of the day and you will here from Jack from the ACT about his first impressions of our landing...



Good to know you had a great trip. Looking forward to hearing from everyone.