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Anzac Connections, Battlefield Tours, Simpson Prize 2012

Today was an opportunity for us to walk the frontline. We had made an attempt to follow the ridge up from Shrapnel Valley cemetery but the wet in Turkey this year has been unusual and we were sunk at our first creek crossing or maybe more accurately bogged. This is one of the most intense days for the students with lots of information about the campaign and plenty of walking. For those of you who have been here before or have time to look at a map, we walked from Lone Pine to Baby 700 and then from Chunuk Bair down Rhododendron Ridge to Embarkation Pier. It is a long walk but gives the students perspective of the frontline, the importance of high ground and the difficulty of the terrain that faced those men. I have asked Taylor to say a few words;

We visited several cemeteries today, and I'm constantly struck by the beauty and the upkeep of the cemeteries. I am thankful to the Turkish people and government for taking such good care of our diggers. We went on a big hike all the way from near Chunuk Bair To the ocean. On the way we stopped at the Nek, it was deffinatly the most emotional experience so far on this trip. To think of and to imagine, men some not much older than myself charging at the enemy after having watched their mates being cut down and still hearing the moans of the wounded is the bravest thing I've ever heard.