Friday 26 April 2013 by Stuart Baines. 3 comments
Anzac Connections, Battlefield Tours, Simpson Prize 2012

Today was the day, the culmination of our trip and a chance for us to commemorate the lives, the service and the sacrifice of the Australians we have been learning about for the past days. It also gives the students an oppurtunity to contribute to this national commemoration. The dawn was mild again this year and only needed the sleeping bag for comfort not warmth. It is a long day but rewarding and especially for the students and an experience and memory that will last a lifetime. Rachel played a special part in the ceremony today;

We had an early wake up call and left the Kum Hotel at 1am. During the next four hours people, including Bryce, Tayler and Jack, endeavoured to keep the crowd occupied with reflections of the Gallipoli campaign and ANZAC Day Commemerations. As the sun rose behind the cliffs of Gallipoli and the sky turned a red and blue glow, the Dawn Service began. After the dawn service the visitors walked 3-6kms to either Lone Pine or Chunic Bair. The physical exertion of walking this distance, if only small, gave us a greater insight of the people who walked these tracks 98 years before. At the Lone Pine service Lauren, William, Jess and Kevin began the service by reading epitaphs of fallen soldiers. During the service I read a poem written by the parents of the soldier Roy Anneseley. I was greatful to have the opportunity to remember him and I hope listening to this poem inspires others to research the stories of soldiers in the past. It was fantastic to be able to attend these services, which for many Australians is a life long dream. The services were great to commemorate ANZAC Day is a formal way, compared to what we had done so far, by looking at soldiers graves and telling their stories.


Sally & Glenn Hay

What a truly amazing and humbling experience for all involved. Congratulations to everyone for your wonderful presentations at the Lone Pine service. The experiences that The Simpson Prize has given each of you is certainly one that you will treasurer, and reflect back on throughout your lives. As Parents and Australians we are very proud of you.

Judith smyth

Wonderful job, made the service very special

Bonnie & Kevin

Watching you guys at the Lone Pine Memorial made us all so very proud! A job well done indeed!! A big thank you to Stuart for your hard work in gaining this prestigious role for the boys & girls. Can't wait to hear your experiences on your return. Enjoy the rest of your time in Turkey!